Transparent Stains (Pre-Dipped Stain Options )


Why use transparent stain?

On installation of a new fence we can stain everything before hand allowing us to give you a 100% stained and sealed fence which most competitors dont even inform you of the option. We dip each picket and rails  to make sure your wood takes as much stain as possible.  

choosing your color

Always a tough decision choosing what color you want your fence. through our website you can see hundreds of fences with different stain colors to give you good references to what your fence might look like.  

Not all wood is the same

There is over 37 different kind of cedar in the cedar family, we commonly use a cedar that is a blonde color called Japanese cedar. All cedar will stain a little differently, so your fence may not look exactly like the sample to the left these samples are more of a reference.  

Which is the best stain for my fence?

All the transparent stains work well, but Our best seller by far is oxford brown it is the darkest brown we carry in transparent and over all last long than the lighter color stains. 

A little bit about the stains

Leather wood - our second most favorite,  A light brown has a small hint of a red tint when freshly stained to it looks beautiful

Oxford Brown - Our best seller, this is a medium to dark brown, matches good with about everything.

Sequoia- Medium red, basically a mix of cedar tone and red wood.

Cedar tone- A good sample to the left, Cedar tone will give you a light orange color

Clear Glow- Is basically a clear sealer it will leave to wood its natural color, Which will still give you a beautiful reveal. 

Red Wood - A good sample to the left redwood is a meduim to dark red. 

Semi-Transparent Stains


Why use Semi Transparent Stain?

We usually recommend semi transparents on older fences that have some age to them. A semi transparent looks more like a paint and doesnt show off much of the wood grain it is more of one solid color.

If you choose Semi Transparent

Semi Transparent will hold up to the elements better than a transparent, but it is not a pretty of a fence. All these samples are very similar to what the fence would look like with these colors. 

we can not stain with Semi Transparent before hand

Since semi transparent is more like a paint, so we are unable to dip them before installation. They would have runs and streaks, so unfortunately we can only apply semi transparent stains after the fence is already up.